• More than 20 years experience in welding machine production
  • Free replacement within 5 years
  • Provide various welding heads as required
  • Provide welding industry solutions

Yongkang Jiaxiao Electric Welding Automation Equipment Co. was established in 1992 as an enterprise with a specialty in the research and development and production of intelligent welding equipment. Jiaxiao offers customers a wide selection of electric resistance welding systems and solutions, covering spot welding machines, electric welders, projection welders, but welding machines, and seam welding machines. We even produce specialized equipment such as stainless steel water tank welding production equipment. Thanks to our highly skilled technical team, we have more than 50 patents which were incepted in our R&D center. Since the company’s establishment, we have developed a number of core technological procedures and components for our welding equipment. Details

Jiaxiao has been devoted to welding equipment research and development since its establishment in 1992. Jiaxiao can design and customize a variety of welding equipment to carry out resistance spot welding, butt welding, seam welding, capacitor discharge spot weling, intermediate frequency welding, automatic welding machine and other special welding operations.